We as well as the client will possess the right to put to an end to any of the services provided by us to the client. Refunds will be granted only if no processing has been initiated at our end.
We can cancel your order at your request if you haven’t paid for our services after you place the query except those services which specifically requires prepayment.

Refund will be granted within 7 days of request after deducting any amount of commission or expenses paid by us to payment gateway vendor or any other third parties with a role in processing your payment/order.

However No refund will be granted in the following circumstances:

  • 1) Our professionals have commenced working on the order after the payment has been made by the customer.
  • 2) After the payment is made, any information/documents required by us are not provided by the customer, as a consequence of which we are unable to process on the order or complete the order.
  • 3) We shall not process the refund until the original payment in respect of such order has been received in our bank account