Our Story: We have seen people struggling to deal with taxation matters. In India 27.40 million Income Tax returns were filed last year by salaried individuals. This is approximately 57% of total return filing. In overpopulated cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai etc. it usually takes 4 hours of drive to get the services of return filing. We felt not good when saw our massive young generation scrapping their precious time with these non-productive works. Also by using this orthodox method of filing of return creates an unnecessary burden on taxpayers. So we in a small room decided to serve for the biggest democratic country. We have done many surveys and found that a mass of taxpayers struggles even after paying their income tax in advance only for a filing of return.
Using digital India as a tool to provide our services, we came up with a brilliant idea.
Transparency is our top priority. We decided to refrain ourselves from doing Black veil practice.

Our core team comprises of well experienced, highly trained and knowledgeable professionals, who take the assignments as their headache. Each of our team members is dedicated to going beyond all limitations to make sure that our clients receive the best quality of service every time. Each one of our core team members is having a great deal of experience in dealing with complex taxation and scrutiny cases and have dealt with all kinds of situations to provide cost effective solutions by identifying accounting and tax opportunities on a variety of business and investment issues.
We take pride in introducing you to our valuable core team, who are amongst the best in their respective field of work. Here is a brief introduction.

Meet our young & enthusiastic core team:

4 Years


He is an Authorized Tax Practitioner having experience of intense work mode. He has very precious knowledge of tax case laws. Practicing with a goal to educate each and every assessee in a best possible manner also provides assistance in Bank statutory audits, Revenue Audits etc.
Area of Expertise: Return filing, Commercial Taxation, Refunds, Tax Registrations, Scrutiny cases, Legal drafting.

3 Years


He is a Chartered Accountant as well as Company Secretary having a vast knowledge of TDS matters and corporate laws.
Audit, Indirect Taxation, TDS, Corporate Laws.

4 Years


He is a Chartered Accountant also first class commerce graduate & having a degree in Master of Commerce (ABST). He can provide an easy solution to most of your accounting problems. Having knowledge of different accounting software like SAP, Tally etc served Rural Electrification Corporation.

4 Years


He is a dynamic Chartered Accountant & having a degree in Master of Commerce (ABST).
Area of Expertise: Audit, Indirect Taxation, TDS.

4 Years

And Growing……..

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